There are still articles needed for Permaculture booklet in kiswahili

Permaculture Booklet for East Africa

Permakulture booklet for East Africa

In 2009 I had the first chance to travel through Tanzania with my friend Franz Hörmanseder, who was working there for 3 year, 20 years ago in Musomaregion. Our aim was to see the homegardens (edible foodforests) of the Chagga people. In Moshi we met Aloyce Massawe, a famous farmer and a beekeeper specialised on stingles honeybees. We told him at his home about permaculture, we gave on his land some practical examples an he whants to know more about. This was all how it got started.

Dr. Peter Feleshi at his visit at the Austrian Foodforest Institute

In the following years we started to work together also with ANAMED – Action in natural Medicin. Dr. Peter Feleshi became an important friend to us. We arranged 4 Trainings together with him in the following years and worked always on the topic of Permaculture.

Dr. Peter Feleshi

At the visit of Dr. Peter Feleshi, in the summer of 2017 in Austria, we started together to work on a Permaculture booklet in kiswahili for the east African people. Now we did almost the fundation, but still are articles needed for the booklet!

The articles in kiswahili can be about making kompost, making liquid fertilizer, making an A-Frame and working with it, gowing mushrooms, … writen in your words with your experience! If you want to write an article in kiswahili, pleas get in touch with us!

There is also the possibility to do a financial support !

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